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of these financial instruments.

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  • publicly presented vulgarism
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  • posting of telephone numbers of other persons
  • posting of photos of other persons against their will
  • setup and using of false (fake) profile, where the user impersonates another person
  • link to a Web page of third party
  • sharing of content covered by copyright
  • repeated inserting of content that was previously assessed as inappropriate
  • abusing of function "Are these photos inappropriate?"
  • using and abusing of icons and content of administration team´s profiles


What is considered inappropriate content and behaviour in chat:

  • distortion of good atmosphere in the room by improper messages and negative statements (especially against the theme of the room and its visitors)
  • sex harassment
  • inserting of smileys that can be perceived as inappropriate in the room
  • sending of texts concerning earnings, rewards or credit (even with the hidden meaning as of type: tit for tat, agreement, spoiling, help, I won´t OU, emphasizing of "I am a businessman", money smiley, foreign currency character etc...)
  • sending of links to profiles, even to the user´s own profile
  • violation of rules of the room, if there are any
  • chatting under multiple profiles in one room
  • using of programmes and macros that are cheating the time in the room
  • operation of uncertified Bot

Function of administrator can be removed in case of:

  • unreasonable expulsion of a user from the room
  • expulsion without statement of the reason
  • expulsion for inactivity, not greeting or not interacting in public communication (exception can be granted if rules of the room are set to the contrary)
  • obvious inactivity, if in some case the administrator of finds that the administrator of room does not show any activity
  • inactivity while violation of rules in the room
  • permitting of violation of rules by administrator, the consequence of which may be the blocking of profile

  • Messages

    What is considered inappropriate content and behaviour in messages:

    • hoax messages (requirement of password, financial amounts, sending of various types of codes)
    • repeated messages (sent in quick succession, identical, in quantities)
    • for other, see inappropriate content and behaviour in chat

    The user can be penalized for violation of service by:

    • notification (temporary barring of access)
    • blocking of profile and PC
    • blocking of IP address
    • deletion of profile
    • cancelling of the whole profile


    The period of blocking is set by internal regulations. It is set on at least 5 days, depending on seriousness of violation of rules, from the point of view of In case of repeated violation of rules the period of blocking is prolonged.

    In case of violation of rules, the whole service is blocked (not only the part of service, where rules were violated).


    • No photos, videos or other content posted on the server can not be copied without written consent of the owner.
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    • If there is a need of intervention of administration during private arguments, we reserve the right to eliminate both parties or not solve the argument at all.
    • Private communication can not be solved by


    • user data is collected only to a limited extent and only for the purposes of the site operator. They are not provided to third parties and their security is at the appropriate level. Whenever it is possible to request deletion of all data from the web site's databases by e-mail to the addressed operator.

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